About Me!

Hi! My name is Emily and I am first and foremost a mom of 2 young, extremely active boys.  I have been in the health and fitness industry for the past 8 years, and have multiple certifications in Personal Training and Group fitness. Health and Fitness is my life!! And helping others to achieve their goals is my passion.

I started my own personal journey back in 2008. I had been in sports growing up, but never competitively ( I was a band nerd!). I become pregnant with my first son, and decided I needed to be in shape so I could keep up with him. I got on an exercise bike, once, when I was pregnant, got light headed and quit after 5 minutes. Fast forward to the end of my pregnancy, where I weighed just over 200 lbs, after enjoying WHATEVER I wanted to eat..and that 8 lb baby was born. Weeelllll…what to do about this additional 56 lbs? How the HECK do I get rid of it???

I started working out at home with Turbo Jam DVDs – this was actually my entry into the world of fitness, but I had no clue that’s what it was at the time!! I was able to lose most of the weight pretty quickly by doing this every day; it become my addiction. Baby nap = mommy workout time. Yesssss!!!!! When my son was close to a year old, a friend of mine invited me to a yoga class at a local gym. We stood in line, waiting for the class (the instructor was, and STILL IS a hugely popular yogi in the area) and I turned my attention to the class that was going on in the room. I knew exactly what they were doing…they were doing my Turbo Jam aka Turbo Kick, which is the live version!! OMG, I got so excited, I didn’t want to wait for yoga, I wanted to go in there and THAT class!! I didn’t, that day, but I sure did the next week, and the next..and then I became a groupie. I knew which classes were my favorites, and who were my favorite instructors, and I would go through hell or high water to get to their classes!

One of my favorite instructors suggested I get certified one day. I thought “I can NEVER do what she does”, first of all I was still carrying around a little extra weight as my diet was far from perfect, second I could NOT, I repeat, I could NOT speak in front of people. I was that girl who was lacking so much in self confidence, I couldn’t even speak in front of 3 people without getting nauseous from nerves. NO WAY could I get on a microphone and teach people for a hour, and be entertaining, and knowledgeable at the same time!! Ugh, that sounded like something I would have to do on Fear Factor (remember that show?! lol) Nevertheless, I took the training, Never thought I would actually do anything with it, but I loved the format so much I was willing to drive an hour out of town to get certified. I really thought I underperformed in the training, and was pretty upset I didn’t get a gold star ranking (silly, right!!), but thennnn….I found out the reason I was so tired…hey, baby #2!!

This time around I was determined not to gain all the weight i did before. I was already well into a workout routing, so per my Dr’s ok, I continued doing what I was doing. I was now certified to teach, but you can bet I wasn’t even close to THAT!! During my pregnancy, I realized I would have a pretty serious financial crisis if I continued to work at my 8-5 corporate job AND pay for 2 babies in daycare. I would literally have zero money after paying for that, and whats the point of working 40+ hours a week, if I can’t even enjoy the free time I have with my children doing fun stuff? I got my first personal training certification, making this important decision to become a personal trainer and teach group fitness once the baby was born. Baby was born..and my new found career was suddenly launched into action (if I liked it or not!).

I started teaching 6 weeks after my son was born. I had little to no practice really in front of groups of people, I would practice in front of my friends and family, but only a couple of times had I used the microphone. I received an opportunity to teach a class at a gym I was unfamiliar with, and jumped in both feet first. I got super excited about the class, pumping myself up..until I walked into the room FULL of people. When I say full…there were 78 people. 78!!! My mom, sister, and fellow newbie instructor had come to support me – so I introduced myself to the class (almost died on the spot) and turned on the music. For the first 5 minutes I solely focused on my support system..and then I started to enjoy myself. Like, REALLY enjoy myself! This gig was awesome!!! OK,  so obviously that class wasn’t my best class, I messed up, but I found my feet and rolled with it. From that point on, I was hooked. I went out and got more and more certifications, for all kinds of different classes from strength training, to Zumba, and a pilates/yoga blend, and have been teaching multiple classes a week for years now.

So…teaching classes and working with clients in a small group, or one on one is a super, mega, amazingly fun job, but what makes it so special for me are the people that I meet. I have built up some of the most amazing relationships with people I have met through my classes, some of whom I now consider like family. I want to play a part in the life of every person who walks into the gym and meets me in class, or outside just chatting. I truly want to help everyone get to their destination, no matter where they are on their journey. We all need a support system, and this is my calling. To be there, to hold you accountable, to give you tips and tricks on workouts, recipes, whatever. I consider everyone I meet through fitness my friend, and I would love you to be a part of Team Sizzle’s Fitness Family!!!



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