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Let’s talk boobs.

Ha, got your attention now!! But really, let’s talk boobs. Specifically, how you hold the ladies up when you’re exercising. No matter if you’re a hardcore athlete, or you are more of a yogi, if you are small chested, or if you rival Dolly Parton in the rack department, you need some support for multiple reasons!

I’ve always been large up top, so I have made my way through many, many sports bras. Uniboob, lack of support (leading to maximum bounce), multiple bras at a time, and one that I always felt like I was putting on a bulletproof vest! For the longest time, if you had anything larger than a C cup, you were stuck wearing black or beige vest looking things reminiscent of something your grandma might wear. Thanks to the rise of our workout clothes getting cuter in general, and in more places, we now have way more options that could EVEN be worn without a shirt! Whaaaat.

Not forgetting the smaller chested women, I know there is still a need! I guess it’s a personal choice, as I’ve seen some women go without, I just can’t wrap my head around the idea of not having to wear over the shoulder boulder holders. Ya’ll just get WAY more options when it comes to umm, everything 😉

Check out the video from Buzzfeed (click link for full article) I found that puts some popular bras on trial!


Here are some of my personal favorites:

The Ultimate by Victoria’s Secret

This one is my go to when I have a hard day – like when I teach 4 high intensity classes. Minimal bounce, and it keeps my boobs looking normal shaped but it is definitely tight and you don’t forget it’s on! It’s like game face, only for your boobs.

I also like the Incredible by Victoria’s Secret

This one is for sure my lower impact workout bra. I’ll use it for pilates/yoga or just lifting. Plus side, it makes my boobs look amazing. Downside, a whole lotta bounce.

I’ve tried everything from Target bras, Nike support, Victoria’s Secret (obviously!) to Enell (this was the bulletproof vest).

There is one bra that I’ve always wanted to try since I saw it on Shark Tank – the SheFit. This bra looks like it could completely be life changing. Not kidding! It’s completely adjustable, you can change both the strap length and the band size! How awesome could that be – it would be like a tempur pedic for your boobs!! Here’s the link for it – check it out!! SheFit

A good sports bra is like a good foundation for your exercise. You get the girls contained and happy, and you can move along nicely with your day. Wear something that doesn’t fit well or is uncomfortable – forget focusing on the workout. You’ll be constantly messing with it and feeling bothered! Take it from me, if you haven’t already encountered that miserable feeling, it’s no fun, I promise! Find something you love and it’ll make you happier to get ready to go workout. What are some of your personal favorites? Which ones DON’T you like? Comment below!!



Images courtesy of Victoria’s Secret

Featured immage : Copyright: alanpoulson / 123RF Stock Photo


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