I’m injured – what now??

I recently had a wicked break in my leg, and found myself seriously sidelined. For me – working out was my LIFE..like, I taught 15 classes a week. How was I going to survive? Of course, for most people, working out isn’t how the bills are paid, but something done because EVERYDAY, you wake up and make a CHOICE to workout. Now, these choices are taken away, or seriously limited, and it’s overwhelming at times!

Physically, you can’t continue at the pace you have set for yourself, and that is a daunting factor, not only can you not do it RIGHT NOW, but when you are healed you have to learn how to get back to your previous state or better! The problem I encounter, as I’m sure many people do, is the desire to jump back in at the first sight of success. DON’T RUSH IT!! ­čÖé Seriously though, listen to your dr and/or your body and don’t push it too hard..you don’t want to invite future issues to show up, not one bit!

Mentally I found it super hard to be injured. I had all this energy boiling over at first, I had a hard time sitting still. I wouldn’t say I fell into a depression, but more of a funk. This is super common when you stop exercising,┬ábecause you’re missing out on those amazing post exercise endorphins that help keep you happy! Just like Elle Woods says..legally blonde

Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of┬ámorphine. For example, the feeling that follows a run or workout is often described as “euphoric.” That feeling, known as a “runner’s high,” can be accompanied by a positive and energizing outlook on life. Keeping yourself limited and away from exercise can lead to the opposite outlook, so it’s important to try and do something!

I was able to find a few things I could do while being injured, but I also took the time to get to know myself better instead of going crazy trying to keep up with how I worked out prior, only now with┬ámodifications. I have this┬ádesire now to go out and try new and different things, and take more time for myself. It’s a humbling feeling to know I took the awesomeness of the human body, MY body, for granted until it’s abilities were taken away from me!

Eating healthily while injured is not only important to avoid unnecessary weight gain, but also to help heal your body from the inside out. Broken bones (as I discovered) need a lot of protein, so it is now┬áthe time to watch your food closely and not give in to all the comfort food that tends to make itself at home during times like this! (I ate a lot of pasta and carbs, carbs, carbs..lesson learned – don’t do it!!) Up your leafy greens and proteins to help your body heal.

Now I am well on my way to recovery, I do have to remind myself constantly I can’t just go do whatever I want. I have to take it easy, and listen to my body. I’ve always said as a trainer, “If it hurts – STOP!!” (if doing burpees suck, then keep going..if it hurts, then stop) and you have to be aware to avoid reinjuring anything that would set you back even further

How have you dealt with being injured? Did you find it affected you mentally, physically, emotionally?


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