Where do I go now?

Life has changed drastically for me. May 14th 2016 was the day that everything changed for me. It was the day that my fitness career, and any way I knew how to make money (bartending, teaching fitness) came to a complete stop. My ex boyfriend and I had an argument, and he broke my leg. I tell you this not for sympathy, but I have become a very different person in the past 9 months, and want to be completely transparent.

Life has been pretty damn tough. HOWEVER.. I always want to try and look for the positives in it. I know now, my relationship with my children has GREATLY improved, not that it was ever bad, but we have such a close bond now. Same with my mom – we have definitely had our ups and downs, but my mom is seriously the best ever in the world. She came to our house every single day to pick us up and take us to do stuff, take us grocery shopping, take care of me, and I am forever grateful to her. I am also very aware of my friends, and the “so-called” friends I kept around before. My relationships in general have become so much more important to me.

Recently, I found myself having to pull away from teaching my classes..and I am completely heartbroken over it. Teaching group fitness, being around groups of people and bringing that party energy is what I LOVE to do. I haven’t worked an 8-5 job in over 8 1/2 years, and now I’m finding myself looking at my days TOTALLY different. Before, I had much more time freedom, and that is so very important to me. What do I do now, I wonder? I shit you not, I absolutely had the thought of “let me get a sugar daddy” or “let me win the lottery”. Obviously, neither of those are viable options, and I have to create my own destiny.

I’ve had this website for about a year, and while I thought I had a vision for it before, it is not my vision for it now. My dream for this website is to create a community of women who are like minded, want to get healthier, and can be there for everything we struggle with daily as a support system. Bear in mind – I have been in fitness for 8+ years, and I’ve never had a 6 pack. Does this bother me? HELL NO. Did it use to? Absolutely. I always felt bigger than I should be, but now? Knowing that I have big strong legs that carried me through and out of an abusive relationship, I’m good. Do I have rolls when I bend over? WHO DOESN’T? Have I ever met a man I’m interested in for him to tell me “sorry girl, I don’t date women your size” HAHAHAHAHA no. The best part  is I am coming into myself and learning to love every single part of me, from my stretchmarks, to the grey hairs in my head that rear their ugly heads once a month before I color them away for 4 weeks 😉

Be on the look out for a lot more updating in the upcoming weeks, things are about to get a facelift round here!!!

Dance on and BE HAPPY!!! Life is too short to not see the blessings we have in front of us.


Em <3


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